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Wellness Through Movement

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Movement Mastery - Injury Recovery - Live Well

Wellness Through Movement

Are you ready for change?

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Injury Recovery

New or recurring injuries need an exercise and rehabilitation plan to help you recover and return to your activities and interests, perhaps even better than before.

Live well

Live well with chronic conditions and diseases by developing new ways of thinking and moving that maximises comfort and functional capacity.

 Movement Mastery

Master the movement and body organisation to engage with music, sport or any activity easily and elegantly.

Someone Who Listens to You

It can help to have someone to listen and understand what is going on for you. Someone who hears how you want things to be in the future. And a process that is carefully aligned to support your priorities.

Someone Who Understands

Learning to be a physiotherapist gives you one way of approaching movement. Because I've lived through injury and rehabilitation, I've developed another perspective. make choices that move me towards what I want. work with you to find your way

Someone You Can Trust

Recovery comes fastest when you work with someone you trust. Someone who is focused on what is appropriate for your recovery, making sure the process is safe and manageable for you.  Feel supported to undertake the process of recovery in the way that works best for you.

Regain Your Clarity and Sense of Control

Right now you might feel out of control. You might not understand what to do to help yourself. You want to work with somebody that will help you feel a sense of clarity about what to do next.

Use Your Knowledge & Experience

There will be things you've noticed or things you wonder about. These are important clues in putting together a sustainable solution that you can implement. In this process you are an active player and your knowledge of yourself is a valuable asset in gaining an understanding of what works best for you.

Adaptable Process

You will also have shifting priorities, so you need a process that is flexible, and able to adjust to what becomes important at any given time.