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Speaking at AUSTA conference 2009 (Australian Strings Association)

I have been invited by AUSTA (Australian Strings Association) to present a workshop on Feldenkrais and Musicians at their national conference this July. The keynote speaker is Andreas Burzik who is a violinist and psychologist who specialises in Flow Psychology.

Musical success story

Uniview Vol. 28 No. 1 Summer 2009 has an article titled Graduate’s musical success story I include part of the article below.  To read the whole article go to Uniview “Not long after Shaun Lee-Chen graduated with first class Honours from UWA’s School of Music in 2000, health professionals diagnosed an overuse injury in the…

Golf and life

Charmaine has contributed the first in a series of Stories of Feldenkrais. Her story shows you don’t necessarily have to accept what life seems to be throwing at you: … over the last 10 years (I) have become accustomed to all kinds of people, health professionals and others, telling me that I just have to…

Uncommon Sensing

As the end of 2008 approaches, I find myself looking into the new year to see what it holds. I am looking forward to attending some of the Perth II Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in January.      Uncommon Sensing® is Alan Questel’s web-site. For more information about Alan go to: Over the past…

How she got her wrinkles back

Today a client got her wrinkles back! For most of us this wouldn’t be a cause for celebration, but what if a surgeon had removed half your face, to excise a melanoma, and sewed a large flap of skin in its place? The process of revitalising skin from another part of her body using the Feldenkrais…

My head is up

Orientation. What does it mean to you? Sarah Wiin facilitated “The Art of Teaching Awareness Through Movement Lessons” Study Group for the Australian Feldenkrais Guild WA Inc Saturday 17 October 2015

Looking forward to travelling

I received this email today Hello Sarah, I just want to thank you once again for assisting me to get to the stage I am with walking and moving. I am delighted with the results. I have appreciated the gentle and sensitive approach you have taken dealing with me when I was (somewhat) nervous about…

You can’t just give someone a creativity injection … create an environment for curiosity, find a way to encourage them Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D, an explores creativity, innovation and human resources fundamental to inspire creativity engaging, enriching, accessible provide experiences that nuture learners active engagement lifelong passion for music participation contagious enthusiasm immersie unit of…