Injury Recovery



Key to recovering from an injury is to diagnose whether you have an injury to a joint, a muscle or a ligament.

Treatment for injury will usually involve a combination of three elements;

  • Work: hands on work can ease  muscle spasm
  • Exercise: An exercise program of movement assists recovery
  • Rest: relative rest helps you protect what is injured while maintaining fitness in what is not.

Restore & Improve Range

The aim is to have you returning to activities and interests you enjoyed before your injury. In many cases the program might assist you to have more freedom of movement than you had before the injury, by helping open up movement options.

Protect Injury & Maintain Fitness

Relative rest in an important part of injury recovery. Relative rest involves helping you understand how to rest the part of you that has been injured so it is not made worse. The program also involves helping you to feel confident about how to maximise healthy movement that will support fitness as your injury recovers.

Sustainable Appropriate Movement Range

The injury treatment program includes identifying parts of the body might be moving too little or too much. Injury recovery is facilitated when these parts of the body are supported to move more freely or at a more appropriate level.  This process of bringing movement into a more sustainable range will help avoid a pattern of reoccurring injury.