Live Well

This is a program designed for people who might have a chronic condition or non traumatic injury that is stopping them from doing something that is important to them. It is aimed to help you get clear about the specific things you can do to live a better life.

Identifying Options

Through a gentle process of investigation, the impact of your condition will be explored. How are you currently hindered in doing the things that matter? Together we will explore some creative options that free you up to live well.

Healing Without Surgery

Until very recently, surgery was thought to be the most effective approach to fixing injury that didn't heal from traditional physiotherapy. There is now a body of evidence that a combination of targeted rest and very specific movement is more effective at healing non traumatic injury.

Together we can devise a very personalised plan for healing your specific injury. This program will be gentle and easy for you to do.

Understanding Pain

This program helps you to understand more about what is causing your pain. You will develop confidence to know what to do to dial down your own pain response and live pain free.

Gain Control & Confidence

Chronic conditions can undermine your confidence and create anxiety about the future. Live Well is a program designed to put you back in the drivers seat so you feel confidence about how to steer yourself in the direction of recovery. 

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