Movement Mastery

Perhaps you are an athlete or a musician. You are already accomplished at what you do. Now you'd like to take your mastery to the next level.

Efficiency of Movement

Movement Mastery helps you make refined adjustments that reduce the amount of effort you use in achieving a particular movement. This makes helps you move easier and in a more sustainable way. The program helps you avoid pain and injury associated with repetitive movement that is currently requiring too much effort.

Proficiency of Movement

There may be particular techniques you'd like to master but, despite knowing the mechanics of a move, you still feel constrained in some way. Together we will explore what it is that is creating that constraint and what solutions could help you easily achieve that technique.

System of Movement

Your System of Movement looks at how your whole body can best support ease and elegance in moving in the way that enhances your performance.

Movement Mastery In Sport