Feldenkrais & Whiplash

Claire’s story

In April 2005, I was involved in a head-on car crash. The result was internal and surface bruising, swelling and a bad whiplash among other injuries. For months I went to a physiotherapist and experienced pain that at times was worse than the injuries themselves.

After two years I recovered physically. However, the pain in my neck returned and I knew it needed more treatment.

A close friend told me about a different approach called Feldenkrais and recommended the name of a clinic to attend. It was here that my life began to change.

I have worked with Feldenkrais and Pilates.

Feldenkrais is very different (and in my opinion, far superior) to the usual form of physiotherapy. It involves gentle manipulation of the muscles, tendons and joints to slowly and steadily remove  inflammation, strengthen the area of concern and repair the injury.

Pilates has major benefits for the body. It strengthens the muscles, including the all-important core, increases flexibility and improves your general sense of health and well-being.

I found learning about Feldenkrais broadened and deepened my understandings of how the muscles, bones, joints and tendons work together. Consequently, the movements of the pilates exercises are enhanced and your body receives even greater benefits.

After time, you become more “in-tune” with your body. You learn to recognise when something isn’t “quite right”, apply your own growing knowledge to address the area of concern and identify when and how it has begun to improve.

My pelvic floor muscles have strengthened significantly and I have learned how to identify and cope with stress within my body.

Learning Feldenkrais has changed my life dramatically. I’m stronger, smarter and so much more healthier than before.